Arctic Studies

This website is intended to give a panel of existing Arctic Studies through viewing maps.

The usage of " Google Maps ", here makes it possible to display an interactive map of the Earth, and to place marks above it.

Thus the goal is to show :
What kind of Arctic Studies?
What does it mean precisely?

The expression " Arctic Studies" contains vast lexical field.
That is why we use maps here, in order to display the information and answer this question in attractive way.

1. Firstly, we will focus on arctic studies, using this expression litteraly.

"Arctic Studies" (created in 2010)-Master 2 proposed to the students by Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University (U.V.S.Q.).
Here, you can also find the various partners of the O.V.S.Q., which offer an international basis :
. Universities,
. Instituts,
. Academies,
. and laboratories.
flecheword Map N1

- Then, the focus will be on arctic studies, which are proposed to students all around the world in order to answer the question :
Where the students can study the Arctic?
You can find :
The huge university network, which is always spreading.
This university network is made up from 5 universty networks.

flechewordMap N2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

2. Secondly, Arctic Studies, the lexical field of this expression which also extends to the arctic exploitation by industries.
flecheword Map N7

3. Lastly, Arctic Studies, can mean also, first explorers and the Arctic projects : past and future.
flecheword Map N8

Here, you can find the captions of the maps.

- Map N1 : Students and partners of the O.V.S.Q.

- Map N2 : Arctic Net Inc (a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada)


- Map N3 : ACUNS : Association of Canadian Universities

- Map N4 : Barents Plus

- Map N5 : North 2 North Members

- Map N6 : University of the Arctic


- Map N7 : Arctic Industries

- Map N8 : Arctic projects and discoveries