The Digitized First Byurakan Survey

The Digitized First Byurakan Survey (DFBS) is the digitized version of the famous Markarian survey, called also the First Byurakan Survey (FBS).
It is the largest spectroscopic database in the world, providing low-dispersion spectra for 20,000,000 objects.
DFBS is a joint project of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO, Armenia), Cornell University (USA), Universita di Roma "La Sapienza" (Italy) and VO Paris (France).
The whole Northern sky and part of the Southern sky at high galactic latitudes have been observed in FBS, altogether more than 17,000 deg2. It is especially valuable for extragalactic research.
1500 UV-excess galaxies (Markarian galaxies), 1100 blue stellar objects and 900 late-type stars have been discovered on the basis of FBS, as well as 1600 infrared (IRAS) sources have been optically identified.
There are two main webpages for DFBS:

DFBS is the basis of the Armenian Virtual Observatory (ArVO). A collaboration between VO France and ArVO is going on for making VO access to the DFBS plates and the low-dispersion spectra.
Participating Institutions
Ongoing Projects

SIA on DFBS: SIA Access to DFBS images (ALADIN, etc.): Observatoire de Paris, CDS

SSA on DFBS: SSA Access to DFBS low-dispersion spectra (VOSpec): CRAL

  • Extraction and analysis of DFBS spectra: IPSL, SA
  • Search and studies of Asteroids in the DFBS plates: IMCCE

AGN: Search and studies of new bright AGN in DFBS: CRAL

  • Search for Blue Stellar Objects in DFBS: BAO, Uniroma1
  • Search for Extremely Red Objects in DFBS: BAO, Uniroma1
  • Variability studies based on DFBS: BAO, Uniroma1
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