Members of the PAMPRE Team in our previous lab in Verrières-le-Buisson (From Right to Left)

Name Institute
Guy Cernogora - Emeritus Pr. (Webpage|Publications ) LATMOS / UVSQ
Nathalie Carrasco - Assistant Pr. (Webpage| Publications) LATMOS / UVSQ
Cyril Szopa - Assistant Pr. (Webpage|Publications) LATMOS / UPMC
Ella O'Brien - PostDoc (Publications) LATMOS / CNES
Thomas Gautier - PhD. Student LATMOS / UVSQ
Gregoire Alcouffe - Dr. (Publications) LATMOS / UVSQ
Edith Hadamcik - Dr (Webpage|Publications) LATMOS
Jean Jacques Correia - Research Engineer (Publications) LATMOS / CNRS