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Science Case 2.3 - Mars Global Climate: Problem Description

Several missions are producing data from the Martian atmosphere and scientists have analysed them to reveal an abundance of ozone, dust, and clouds on the Red Planet. The history of the Martian atmosphere modeling is comparable to that of observations and, as a matter of fact, the two go hand in hand through continuous intercomparison. The planetary community would benefit from the possibility to openly compare observational data products (i.e. different atmospheric variables derived from the observations) to predictions of climate models. We will develop a tool for the purpose of comparing observational data and simulated data from (for example):

  • SPICAM observations;
  • PHOBOS observations;
  • GCM simulations (LMD/EMCD).

This preliminary list will be expanded in the future according to the interests of the joining teams.

Martian Climate
  • Observed atmospheric variables
  • Interface through IDIS
Obs: O3
  • Modeled atmospheric variables
  • Interface through IDIS
Tool for the planetary science community

Contact addresses for this science case are:

   François Forget:
   Sebastien Lebonnois:

   Laboratoire de Métérologie Dynamique, UMR 8536
   Tour 45-55, 3eme étage, case postale 99
   4, place Jussieu
   F-75252 Paris cedex 05, France

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