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Science Case 2.1 - Titan Ion Chemistry: Data

    • Content: Bibliographical database on the Properties of Atoms, Molecules, Gases and Plasmas, including Chemical Reactions.
    • Creator(s): LPGP, Univ. Paris-Sud, Orsay, France
    • Comments:
    • References:
    • Medium: Database interface
    • Simplified form: Enter formula with all elements counts (ex: C1H4 for CH4) and charge ("+", "-" or nothing):
    • Formula: Charge:

  • AMBDAS (Atomic and Molecular Bibliographical Database)
    • Content: Atomic and Molecular Bibliographical Database
    • Creator(s): International Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Data Section/Atomic and Molecular Data Unit, Vienna, Austria
    • Comments:
    • References:
    • Medium: Database interface.

  • OSU chemical database
    • Content: Astrochemical research publications and models.
    • Creator(s): Eric Herbst (Columbus University, Ohio, USA), updates by Valentine Wakelam (LAB, Univ. Bordeaux I, France) and Eric Herbst
    • Comments: Uncertainties are being introduced
    • References: Lee, Bettend & Herbst (1996, A&AS 119, 111); Smith, Herbst & Chang (2005, MNRAS 350, 323)
    • Medium: ".csv" files.

  • UDFA: UMIST Database for Astrochemistry
    • Content: A database for Astrochemicals.
    • Creator(s): T. Millar (Queen´s University Belfast, UK) since 1995
    • Comments: Uncertainties have been included
    • References: Millar, Farquhar & Willacy (1997, A&AS 121, 139); Le Teuff, Millar & Markwick (2000, A&AS 146, 157); Woodall, Agundez, Markwick-Kemper & Millar (2007, A&AS 466, 1197);
    • Medium: Database interface / ".csv" files.

  • Electron Impact Cross Sections (NIST)
    • Content: A database total ionization cross sections of molecules by electron impact.
    • Creator(s): NIST
    • Comments: Uncertainties have been included.
    • References: Kim, Y.-K., Irikura, K.K., Rudd, M.E., Ali, M.A., Stone, P.M., Chang, J., Coursey, J.S., Dragoset, R.A., Kishore, A.R., Olsen, K.J., Sansonetti, A.M., Wiersma, G.G., Zucker, D.S., and Zucker, M.A. (2004), Electron-Impact Ionization Cross Section for Ionization and Excitation Database (version 3.0) [available online]. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD
    • Medium: Database interface.

  • Nagoya

  • GRAMIS expert group project (Resp. V. Wakelam)

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