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Science Case 2.1 - Titan Ion Chemistry: Models & Outputs

  • Cassini's Titan Tour (A. Brecht)
    Outputs of Fox-Yelle model along Cassini trajectories.
    • Energetic fluxes (electrons, photons)
    • Neutral densities
    • Physical-chemistry databases

  • Ionospheric model reactions list
    • Content: Ion-molecule reaction rates and branching ratios;
    • Creator(s): V.G. Anicich (JPL, retired)
    • Comments: List of reactions used by R. Yelle and V. Vuitton in their model of Titan ionospheric chemistry
    • References: McEwan & Anicich (2007, Mass Spectrometry Reviews 26, 281-);
    • Medium: ".csv" files.

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